How to sort your tasks

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It’s not always easy to stay on top of all the tasks in a view, especially if your task lists are a bit long. If you want an easier way to view your tasks, try using Todoist’s sorting options.

With sorting options, you’ll be able to view your tasks in a variety of ways, from straightforward views – such as sorting your whole task list by due date, priority levels, or assignees – to grouping tasks, which lets you group, filter, and order your tasks in any way you want.


You will not be able to manually reorder your tasks while you have a sorting option enabled.

How to sort your tasks

  1. Open the view that you want to sort.
  2. Click View in the top-right corner of the view.
  3. A menu will pop up with the following options:
    • Layout: select the layout of your view (list or board)
    • Sort: select how to group and sort your tasks (name, assignee, due date, date added, priority, or project)
    • Filter: select if you want to see all tasks (default), or those assigned to only you, no one, or specific assignees

Quick tip

If you want to view all your tasks grouped by project, you can do the following:
  1. Open the left-hand menu in Todoist and select Filters & Labels.
  2. Under Filters, select the View all filter.
  3. Click the view icon in the top-right corner of the filter.
  4. A menu with sorting options will open.
  5. Click Grouping.
  6. Select Project.

How to remove a sorting option

Once you’ve set a sorting option for your tasks, you will see it in the top-right of the task list. If you wish to turn off a sorting option, you can simply click the x icon to the right of the sorting option.


No, tasks are sorted within their own section. For example, if you have a priority 1 task in the last section in your project and you sort your project by priority levels, the priority 1 task will go to the top of the section it is in and not to the top of the project, even if there are tasks in other sections that have a lower priority level. 

As a workaround, try grouping your tasks instead.

New tasks will automatically get sorted according to the sorting option you have set for your task list.

No. Once you’ve set a sorting option for your tasks, you will not be able to manually reorder them.

Yes, you can drag and drop a task to a different section when sorting is enabled in your project. However, when you have grouping enabled in your view, you cannot move a task to a different section.

No. Only you can see the sorting options you set.

No. Sorting by name only works for tasks that use letters of the modern English alphabet. Letters such as å, ä, ö, æ, and ø are currently not supported in sorting by name. Languages like Japanese that use logographs like Kanji (漢字) will not properly sort at this time.

No, this is expected behaviour. However, please note that you can use drag-and-drop to manually sort your sub-tasks while in task view.

Yes, you can sort your projects. However, you will have to do so manually by hovering over the project, then drag-and-drop the project to its desired location.

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