Contact the Todoist team

Our team is here to help out, and answer questions. However, we also know that when you're experiencing an issue, it can be quicker to resolve it by yourself. So, if you're experiencing an issue with Todoist, here are some resources you might find helpful.


If you still need help after going through the information listed in this article, get in touch with us.

Check the Known Issues page

If the bug is already known to the Todoist team, it'll likely be listed in the Known Issues page. This page is available only in English. 

The page is updated regularly (you will see the date it was last updated at the top of the page) and we always include the statuses of our currently known bugs. If there are any temporary workarounds you can use while we’re working on a fix, they’ll be listed on this page.

Identify if the issue is a new or experimental feature

It may be that you're mistaking a new or experimental feature for a bug.

Check the What's New page to see if it's a new feature, and our experimental features page to see if this is a feature we're currently sharing with Experimentalists.

Quick tip

Try out some troubleshooting steps

Have you tried solving the issue yourself using one of our troubleshooting guides?

Are you having trouble with an integration?

If you’re experiencing issues with an integration, please check if we have an article for that integration in the integrations section of our help center.


Not all integrations are built by Doist (the company behind Todoist), which means that we may not be able to solve the issue for you, and that you should instead contact the makers of the integration. If this is the case, it'll say so in the FAQ section of the integration's help center article.

Still need help? Contact us

Do you still need help? No problem! Use the Todoist contact form to create a ticket.

When submitting a ticket, include the following information:

  • Platform(s) or browser(s) where you’re experiencing the issue (for example: macOS, Android, or Google Chrome)
  • Troubleshooting steps you’ve already tried
  • Screenshots or a screen recording of the issue
  • Todoist app version number

If you're not sure where to find the Todoist app version number, follow these steps:

Find out which version of the desktop app is installed on your computer:

  1. Open the Todoist macOS app.
  2. Click Todoist in the top-left corner (next to the Apple logo).
  3. Select About Todoist.

Find out which version of Todoist is currently loaded in the macOS app:

  1. Open the Todoist macOS app.
  2. Click your avatar in the top-right corner.
  3. A menu will appear. The version number is listed at the bottom of this menu.

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