Date and time insertion

Inserting dates and times

Easily set a date and time for when a task is due, create recurring due dates and more with Todoist. You can insert textual dates in the date field, such as:

Human dates

You can write dates using words instead of numbers, and you can even use abbreviations. For example, typing today at 10 (on March 26) will be understood by the Todoist system as Mar 26 2012 at 10:00.

Normal dates

Normal dates are also supported. For example, typing 13/5 will be understood as May 13.

You enter Todoist understands
+5 5 days from now:

Recurring dates

You can enter recurring dates for your tasks. When you complete a recurring task, the entry will roll to the next date you've selected.

Repeat after X months

In Todoist there are two recurring dates: every and after. They are similar and the difference is how the next date is computed.

An example, let's say we have following tasks:

  • Clean fridge with due date
  • Clean fridge with due date

Completing will result in a due date 3 months from 10. April.
Completing will result in a due date 3 months from the completion date.