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Todoist makes it frictionless to get all your tasks out of your head and organized in one trusted place.

Capture tasks at the speed of thought

We’ve spent over a decade refining how people add tasks to Todoist. Our goal? To make a to-do list that feels like a natural extension of your mind.

“Todoist gives me the peace of mind knowing I am doing exactly what I need to do, exactly when I need to do it.”
Ashley W.

Ashley W.

Head of Leadership & Learning

In perfect sync across all your devices

With 10+ apps and add-ons, you’ll be able to review your upcoming tasks – and jot down new ones – no matter where you happen to be.

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Organize, prioritize, and get things done

Don’t let the minimalist design fool you – Todoist has all the tools you need to build any workflow.

“I can finally see an overview of all the areas of my life – broken down into actionable steps – in one single place.”
Maria R.

Maria R.

Quality System Manager

Focus on the right things at the right time

Infinitely flexible views show you just the tasks that are relevant right now. Leave the rest for later.

“Todoist helps me organize my time based on the most important things in my life. As a result, I am happier and more confident.”
Pedro V.

Pedro V.

Project Manager

Same project, flexible views

Switch between list, calendar, or board to easily plan and track even your most ambitious projects.

Collaboration made easy

Whether you’re sharing tasks with family or coworkers; Android fans or iOS evangelists; Mac or PC – Todoist is there to keep everyone in sync.

“At work, my team uses Todoist as a central productivity repository. At home, my family also shares everything with Todoist: Shopping lists, chores, etc.”
Ramón B.

Ramón B.

IT Consultant

A home for your team’s tasks, too

From tech start-ups to construction crews, over 50,000 teams use Todoist to simplify and organize work, together.

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“After using Todoist personally, I introduced it to my team for project management. We love that workspaces allow us to separate our business tasks and projects from our personal ones!”
Leon S.

Leon S.

Co-Founder of Market Eagle Agency