Duplicate one or more tasks

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It’s easy to duplicate one task or a series of tasks within any project, saving you the time and effort of manually creating each new one.

Duplicate a single task

  1. Right-click on a task.
  2. Select Duplicate.

A copy of the task (including all its sub-tasks) will be created below the original.

Duplicate multiple tasks at once

  1. To select a range of tasks, hold down the shift key and click on the first and last task you want to duplicate. To select tasks that aren’t next to each other on the list, hold the command key (macOS) or CTRL key (Windows) and click on each of the individual tasks you want to duplicate.
  2. Click on More… in the menu that appears at the top of your Todoist.
  3. Select Duplicate.

A copy of the tasks (including all their sub-tasks) will be created below each of the originals.

Quick tip

You can also duplicate whole projects by creating project templates.


No. Task comments will not be duplicated along with the task. You can instead add any information you want to duplicate to your task description.

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